Meet Anthony Hunt a.k.a. 5oz.

Anthony Hunt (also known as 5 oz. on the FLW Pro Bass Tournament Fishing circuit) acquired his love for the outdoors and the sport of bass fishing at the age of five. Growing up in a household of five boys and one super mom leading the pack, Anthony’s competitive streak came early as he constantly practiced to surpass his older brother Arblee, who was the stronger natural talent when it came to fishing and cooking (Anthony’s other passion).

Anthony understood the need for education and cultural growth, so in 1994 he and older brother Arblee packed up and never looked back. Four years of culinary school and stints in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Florida and California have forged him into one of the top private chefs in the business. His biggest influence in his career path was likely his dad and uncle, who both served in the military and were both chefs. But one of Anthony’s main reasons for working so hard was strictly to pay for his first love - fishing

Three wonderful sons to call Anthony Daddy and a successful career as a private chef have him even more focused than ever! Hunt also teaches at, his own company dedicated to teaching advanced culinary techniques to hobbyists and professionals alike. Anthony is making a huge Impact on the Pro Bass Tour. Check out some of Hunt’s tournament highlights and goals...

Bass Tournament Statistics:
Number of top-10 tournament finishes: 6
Weight of largest day's catch: 24 lbs, 6 oz, (2011, FLW Series, Eastern, Lake Okeechobee, FL)
Number of events fished: 35 since 2004
75% Check Cash Rate In All Tournaments

Additional Info:

.33th 2012 Overall Ranking Pro F.L.W. Ever Start Serires

30th 2012 Forest Wood Cup Ranking

.2nd overall Rank 2010 F.L.W.Series
·9th Chickamauga Tenn 2010 F.L.W.Series
.17th Lake Champlain NY F.L.W. Series 2010
· Currently ranked 5th overall in 2010 with a solid shot at the Forest Wood Cup 2011
· 10th Place Finish - Lake Okeechobee F.L.W. Series 2010
· 44th Place Finish - Lake Eu Fula F.L.W. Series 2010
· 22nd Place Finish - Lake Okeechobee American Series 2010
· 21st Place Year Standings Overall - Missed Forest Wood Championship by one slot, Co-Angler 2009
· 9th Place Ranking - FLW Series Co-Angler 2009
· 6th Place Finish - FLW Okeechobee FL Co-Angler 2009
· 32nd Place Finish - Clarks Hill Regional 2007
· Placed 7th in Alabama, Demopolis Regional. In the Co-Angler category, missed the All-American Finals by 5 oz. in 2006. That’s why he earned the nickname “5 oz.”!

— - —