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Getting Ready For The Big O

Posted by admin on January 31, 2011

bigOb.jpgThe Big O for me is like my girlfriend — for the longest time now she’s been my best friend when I'm with her and my enemy when I'm away. I’ve had a couple Big Breaks as far as complete victories and some Big Break Offs that’s why she’s my enemy when I’m not with her. Man, she can be just plan mean!! This Lake can take a fisherman's Soul!

Ok let me stay on track here, my practice started about two months ago from a spiritual connection. Reason being, I’m tapping into my inner source which I practice doing a lot and this is harder than fish by far. I use the law of attraction to accomplish that order. From a young age, elders have told me that I could see and never understood until now! Without telling a lie the more I learn how to tap into my source I take more of the F.L.W. Money. Because we know they don’t help anglers unless you're in their butt kissing crew, I'll keep my lips dry, thanks!! Lol.

To me practice isn’t just about the lake I’m on, I know from first hand experience it's about alignment with all the lose strings before you step out there. Meaning: Family has everything they need while you're away; the grass is cut and the house is clean. Bottom line, fix any personal problems that may be floating around. I’ve seen guys that come to tournaments damn near in tears with a load of personal Stuff. I could go on and I'm sure you know someone like this. Point being, its mental energy you need for your focus factor to be intact to be successful at Tournament Fishing!

Gear and Techniques
I’m strapped with all Big Baits this year. This time of the year on The Big O we can expect to see Post spawn that will have the fish ready to eat big baits! The Big Female bass will be on kung fu status ready for anything that may threaten her fry! And my techniques… What the what?! I’m not giving away my Tech’s man. I guess that will be the blog after the tournament!

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-- ANTHONY HUNT Tournament Bass Professional 2011 Forest Wood Cup Championship Qualifier

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