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Hooking Sponsors

Posted by admin on January 12, 2011

FLWinset225.jpgGot Sponsors? The latest with Anthony Hunt on his present mission on the hooking of sponsors. Hook, line and sinker is not an easy task when it comes to understanding the business side of Bass Fishing from a Major Title Sponsorship! It’s almost like a hidden course in the rule books of how to attain and keep a sponsor happy. “First I would like say in the fishing business it’s imperative that you understand getting a sponsor is not going to be handed to you unless you’re Scott Martin! Lol. How many of us have Roland Martin for a Daddy!” says Hunt.

“My Road has a lot of emotions attached to it - simply the amount of trial and error you go through, but as you learn the business, the doors don’t shut as much because you’re able to offer what you can do for a company in a fashion that makes great sense to helping them meet their overall annual bottom-line! Starting out introduced to fishing by my aunt Bernice at 5 years old, I knew at 7 years old I wanted to fish on T.V. as a Pro and that’s all I knew at the time. Well at 7 no one told me it’s a business first! I became really inquisitive about 10 years ago and now at 33, just learning as a tournament fishermen. These are some “upfront with myself” kind of questions I asked myself:
The Can I’s?

  • Can I compete and fish with some of the best bass fishermen in the country from the back of the boat as a Co-Angler? After two regional appearances 06, 07 and couple of checks cashed with the F.L.W., I said yes let’s do this! Fast forward until now, sitting in 9 overall ranking in the F.L.W. Series Tournament Trail, with a great chance to go all the way to the Championship the Forest Wood Cup! Co-Angler still but not for much longer!
  • Can I be Consistent in almost every tournament? Sponsors expect you to walk across that Stage?
  • Can I talk to Press without tripping on my words and making my sponsors look incompetent?
  • Can I represent myself as a great peer with all ages and people? It’s a like an ability factor, you need people to know as you as a good person first, otherwise they will bypass you and your sponsors!
  • Can I sell without being an obvious salesman? That part is simple to me; just know your product inside-out and it’s not selling anymore it’s more like breathing! We all know when someone is trying really hard to sell us something! If you chose top notch companies & products that sell themselves then you’re just the verbal support for the company and able to further educate the consumer.

5ozjerseyBlog.jpgCurrently setting up my Sponsor Stage now for 2010 with some of the newer Different companies:
A.K.O.O is my Title Sponsor, I needed a company that could help me deliver my out-of-the-mold look! So I’m doing things like off the wall Bass photo shoots with A.K.O.O. Clothing in Duo Magazine the new In Magazine in Florida and Nationwide; nothing to do with fishing, but is all about brand acknowledgement! I know the A.K.O.O, didn’t expect to put a Bass Fishermen on Tour when they did the layout for the company, a tournament fishermen was not on the list I promise you!! Lol. But now it is, I bet you! it’s a perfect early relationship. www.akooclothingbrand.com
Dirty Jigs Tackle, Now days I think bass must see art as well as familiar food source when  Dirty Jigs land in front of them! “ I’ve been a proud user and tester of the products for a 1year now! The composition of these jigs are what great jig standards will be held up to in the near future.
The Hybrid Living Rubber Toad Jig provides a new wrinkle to an awesome big fish bait. The jig has the same appealing compact, yet beefy profile as the original Toad Jig with the main difference being a seductive skirt combining living rubber and our traditional silicone material. This bait absolutely shines in open water when you find that "spot on the spot" structure holding big fish. www.dirtyjigstackle.com
Here are a couple of companies that make a great product and spark my interest. I'm not sponsored by them but they are in my tackle box!!

One of the newest Japanese Import baits Company to land in the US. The Stinger Stick Bait will give the Senko Stick Bait a Run for the money! They also have a good assortment of reaction cranking baits! damikibaits.com
Lucky Craft Baits. Not much to say about this company that is responsible for a great portioning of most the tournaments won, along with Skeet Reeses 2009 Bass Master Classic Win!! On the Redemption Spinner Bait, nope not much to say about Lucky Craft. (smile) www.luckycraft.com
Ok enough Free Advertising now!! I'll touch base with companies later.
So I hope my  info will help and promote good sponsor fishing!! Lol
Please feel free to give feedback or any helpful information note worthy for myself to prosper from since I’m still learning and will never stop learning!
5oz , A.k.A  Anthony Hunt F.L.W. Touring Bass Fishermen
Discover more about Anthony at his website AnthonyHuntFishing.com