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Hungry anglers take gourmet trip

Posted by admin on June 19, 2013

boatAppetite_MiamiHerald250.jpgBy Susan Cocking

Rarely do South Florida fishing guides prepare lunch for their customers; if they have any food on board at all, it is usually a stale grab-and-go from the local convenience store or a can of Vienna sausages that must be carbon-dated.

But Anthony Hunt is not a typical South Florida fishing guide. The 36-year-old Tamarac resident is a five-star chef who recently helped open Fort Lauderdale hotspot S3 on the beach and also prepares gourmet meals at A-listers' homes. When he is not baking, sautéing or flash-frying, he is competing on the FLW bass tour or guiding anglers to big catches in lakes, rivers and canals from the Everglades to Central Florida. Recently, Hunt decided to combine cooking and fishing into a single enterprise called BoatAppetite.com — guided freshwater fishing with a fresh, gourmet lunch included.

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