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I Can See Clearly Now, The Glare Is Gone

Posted by admin on January 27, 2011

kaenonLogoE.jpgFinally Sunglasses made for 5oz! I’m speaking of Kaenon Eyewear! At first glance I knew it was the right fit. And after reading how Kaenon has 99.9 Polarization, the green light for safety went on. I must admit it, Kaenon Sunglasses made me feel like a sexy, cool, sophisticated fisherman. I think I even gave myself a man hug when I put them on! lol — And do they work? See for yourself. The first time I wore my new Kaenon's I spotted this nice fish cruising in the stained water and pitched a Damiki Buzz Shad at her and Bam! Fish on! [ Keep reading to see what I mean ]

SEE what I mean?!


These are the pairs I own:

GAUGE™ is a rectangular, chunky oversize model that is defined by its strong surface design, hard lines and edges and a new script icon on an inlaid metal detail. As with all of our styles, GAUGE is Rx adaptable and finished with 100% UV protection through our proprietary and optically superior SR-91® polarized lenses. Every pair of GAUGE sunglasses comes with a micro-fiber cleaning bag and a protective metal case.


JETTY™ is an oversize, tall and boxy performance frame with plenty of street attitude which embodies the company’s Luxury Performance™ design and engineering mantra. A unisex frame that can be worn by men and women everyday, JETTY is also built to perform for the active lifestyle. As with all of our styles, JETTY is Rx adaptable and finished with 100% UV protection through our proprietary and optically superior SR-91® polarized lenses.


This style features tall temples and a rectangular face shape with clean and smooth surface design; plus functional details such as recessed Variflex™ rubber nose pads for secure fit and heavy duty, non-corrosive, five-barrel stainless steel hinges for added comfort and durability. JETTY is finished with the Kaenon jewel icon that marks the authenticity of a Kaenon Polarized original design. JETTY comes with a protective metal case.

The result of innovative materials and a "function first" focus, HARDKORE™ is the ultimate performance product for today’s athlete and sports enthusiast. A testament to the company’s commitment to Luxury Performance™ design and engineering, HARD KORE is the next evolution of the brand’s award-winning KORE™ model. This fresh design is lightweight, incredibly durable, and intuitively integrates with the natural form of the wearer’s head shape while accommodating different facial features.


Designed for men and women, HARD KORE is offered in two lens shape options – Regular lens shape for smaller faces or high cheek bone structures; and Large lens shape is approximately 2 millimeters wider and deeper than the Regular HARD KORE lens shape - for larger faces and greater protection from the elements. HARD KORE supports Kaenon’s revolutionary SR-91® polarized lens material and our proprietary Glare 86® polarizing element, and it is available in all seven purpose-built lens tints and Light Transmission Levels™ (LTL®) specifically developed by Kaenon Polarized. Regardless of lens tint or LTL, all SR-91 lenses are Rx adaptable and provide your eyes with broad spectrum protection against 100% of all harmful UVA and UVB rays, offering razor sharp optical clarity and unsurpassed glare reduction. HARD KORE comes with a micro-fiber cleaning bag and protective metal case.

Check them out today and tell them 5oz sent you!  > Kaenon.com