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The Big Come Back & Giving Back

Posted by admin on February 12, 2011

BackDeckPro_5ozA.jpgThe FLW Open on Lake Okeechobee was quite a ride and I’m just landing back on planet earth. This tournament had the perfect recipe already lined up for me! Just to think I almost didn’t fish this event due to large entry fees. Without any help, that’s a lot for a co-angler! Anywho, I would like to take the time to thank some very special companies that see my worth from a personal standpoint and that help keep me 100% focused on the job at hand. Bringing fish to the scales and sharing in their success, I’m part of their investment!

( photos courtesy of BackDeckPro.com )

BackDeckPro_5oz.jpgDamiki Baits — We go back almost to the day they opened the doors here in the U.S. My first bait I purchased was THE MONSTER MIKI! They have displayed a major interest and support for my fishing career on a real natural family level, but business is business and we never lose sight of the goal at hand — Sell Baits and Brand! So Thank You Damiki, Rodney Daniel and Ray!

Bass Pro Sites — Wow, so far Ray is the hardest working advertising mind I’ve worked with! When we discuss anything or put things up on the site, Ray does not B.S. he B.P.S's (smile)! Bass Pro Sites is the place for upcoming anglers that are ready to take their fishing to the next level. I’m so committed to helping make that happen!

Grande Bass — I’ve been chasing this company for about 4 plus years and we just solidified some very promising details about our new relationship and are already talking about 2012! Grande always comes through in the 4th quarter to grab the right bites. Thanks Jerry!

Akoo Clothing Brand — Akoo is responsible for keeping my image all mine, and being that I’m the only angler they sponsor, it’s a great look for me I take my image a little more serious than the average angler! This part of 5oz. is crucial just as all other aspects of branding to me are about being unique. This is my best feature and Akoo keeps it that way for me. We bring urban clothing into a Wrangler world, lol! Thanks to the whole Marketing Team At Akoo.

The Rod Glove — Jim Van Ryn is the hardest working man I see on Facebook and he keeps up with all his pro-staff in the most professional fashion! He provides discounts and other promotional tools for the pro-staff, and from what I can say, he’s on top of things!! I see myself with the Rod Glove for a very long time!

I would also like to say thanks to my crew on FB:
Ronnie Green
Monte G.
Brain Adams
Author Bronson
Sabirina Tompson
Steve Vonbrant from DelawareTrophyBass.com
Jim Hangy
Daymond Walton
Kim Striker
Derek Benns
Robert Lewis
Dwain Batey with BaitWerks
Terel Toomer

Thank you for believing and stay tuned for a ton more Videos and Blogs - 5oz.