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The Toho Experience

Posted by admin on January 23, 2011

stage2.jpgToho was a more of a mental ride instead of a Fishing Tournament in fast boats that exceed speeds of 60mph+. It was my first Bass Tour Event and its was a interesting setup being I’ve fished the F.L.W. for almost 8 years. Change is good though and it opens us up to see other things otherwise over looked. Never the less I was calm and ready to fish with swag and consistent technique!

The Tooth Hurts!
True Story by 5oz.

Wow where do I start? My day started out nice with me packing up for my Tour on Tuesday on lake Toho. Well that day I cracked a tooth that became very irritated and needed to be pulled! My face and my throat started to hurt and a swollen throat almost could have been then end of the beginning of a tournament that hadn't even started. What? not 5oz? Needless to say, after a full day of practice and a long Tournament Registration's meeting, I’m in pain and mentally a little broken. So mind you, after not having any sleep the night before and practice, I rush to the E.R for a 7-hour stay, given painkillers and sent back to my hotel. But, the show must go on.

sunrise225.jpgLight headed and fatigued, I make my way to the ramp to start my Tournament. Nothing would stop me! I stuck with the plan to Frog and Flip Damiki Hydra’s at every opportunity and I stuck with it. Needless to say I fished strong even at day-two when I had two 12” in the well at 2:00. I was calm even when my boater reminded me of the 14lbs in 3 bites that came off in the first half of the morning and I reminded him I have G.P.S. (Gods Positioning System) and I'll catch my fish I need!

standings.jpgLong story short I finished 13th out of 200 great Anglers and missed the cut by 7oz.! Ouch!!
Next up The Big O. I love my Chances THERE!

I would love to thank my sponsors: Damiki Baits, Bass Pro Sites, The Rod Glove and A.k.O.O

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