Taking it to The Next Level in 2016 with Pro Sites Unlimited
It's time for a breakout season. That's why I'm taking my career to the next level with Pro Sites Unlimited. With one click, I'm communicating with the bass fishing community through videos, new product releases and reporting my success along the tournament trail. And when sponsors want to know what I bring to the table, the numbers speak for themselves. While my competition is talking to one, I'm reaching out to a worldwide audience. To take your tournament fishing to the next level, check out Pro Sites Unlimited today.

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COOKING WITH 5oz — When the Food Network’s hit series “Chopped” premieres Dec. 3 at 8 p.m., 5oz_ProSitesUnlimited.jpgfour pastry chefs will compete to create sumptuous chocolate dishes for the host and judges. One of the contestants is Fort Lauderdale’s Anthony Hunt, 39, corporate pastry chef for the Restaurant People group that operates popular eateries YOLO and S-3. >> read more

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